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g2xdQ5WG (7/26/2013)
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Patricia - L71dixs9
7zrkqVHCThNr (7/26/2013)
In my own words..Butterflies begin around my<a href="http://dvulujc.com"> smatoch</a>. It's the anticipation, the rush, the now moment that you can only dream of. When you find yourself giggling like a little school girl and your smile expanding from ear to ear. The butterflies feel like you have something inside you, unconditional love, the most perfect of all feelings. It travels up to your heart and overflows it with joy and love. When I feel like this [hm, like ALWAYS ahha] I just want to cry. Pure happiness and unconditional love makes me cry so hard [yes I'm a sap] It's been nearly 4 years with my bf now and when I drive to his house and pass the sign that says I'm entering his county I still get the butterflies. It just immediately makes me laugh, it's like getting tickled from the inside. All these feelings just overwhelm you [in a good way] and goshhhh all you want to do is run to and hug and thank that person for giving your body and your heart those feelings. For me, when I get the butterflies I feel it all up and down my body. Starting from my<a href="http://dvulujc.com"> smatoch</a> it goes up to my heart and in my throat and at the same time down until I get weak in the knees. I can totally tell when it reaches my heart because that's about the time I'll start to tear up haha. Butterflies usually occur when you're experiencing something new, but not always. It's the thrill of the moment, finally doing something you've wanted to do for so long, or doing that thing again because it makes you so happy. Ah thanks for this question, I just want to run to my boyfriend right now! =]*happy momentss*Where have you been anyways? How art thouu? How does it feel to know you're everything I need, the butterflies in my<a href="http://dvulujc.com"> smatoch</a>, they could bring me to my knees yay The Spill Canvas, you say it best. Was this answer helpful?

Juan - uXbGu06MO
o8xBENIZ1N (7/23/2013)
I am a 26yr old female who has used pre wourokt supplements for years. I finished my tub of superpump and decided to try something new. I tried 1MR, for the first time yesterday and used a full scoop. I am not sensitive to caffeine, i've had several different energy drinks before, I suggest you follow what Rob says and definitely tread lightly on this stuff. Its super powerful,´╗┐ I feel like my heart was fluttering, nausea, dizzy, crazy wourokt but took a really long time to come down.

Sohayl - 7aRbQObkidm8