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KPqBzFQoly (3/28/2013)
Review by Kevin Wolf for Rating: The 2-way feature is great on this rtmeoe. But just because you\'re paying 50-100 for this rtmeoe, don\'t expect it to be high-quality. I\'ve owned two in the past, and each one has broken the same way. The first problem- Solder joints. After a couple of months, the solder joints (on both) would break, especially around the battery terminals. Easy fix- Simply resolder the joints. Next, the cosmetic paint and light labels will rub off, and thats when things start to go downhill. If you keep it in your pocket like other car rtmeoes, the plastic case will start to break- Notably at the top right corner. Once that happens, the rtmeoe looks awful, and the keyring will fall out because the tabs holding the two halves together have weakened too.On top of all that, the second rtmeoe I have sometimes beeps, and sometimes doesn\'t.If you want the two-way feature, you can get this. But if you want a solid rtmeoe, consider buying the compatible 1-way version, P/N 7141V or 7141 P (python and viper rtmeoes are interchangeable). It will not give you audible feedback, but it will save you frustration. They are compatible with the LED 2-way systems, too.I sure hope DEI\'s new systems use better rtmeoes. Its a mystery to me as to why Viper Alarm systems are as popular as they are- nothing but plastic junk in my opinion.UPDATE:I picked up a less expensive one-way Viper rtmeoe that is compatible with my system (I was tired of throwing down so much $$ for a piece of crap). It is about two months old, and is starting to crack as well.

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