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Someone asked for ot (10/22/2014)
Someone asked for other idea using bottle caps - make the <a href="http://teqczva.com">maegtns</a> but put letters of the alphabet on them. They make great learning tools for the younger kids while you are in the kitchen. The <a href="http://teqczva.com">maegtns</a> will stick to the fridge and the kids can learn to spell and leave messages with the words they assemble.

Nishant - Uflt5BrGLY
3 out of 5Munir Oc (10/20/2014)
3 out of 5Munir Oct 16th 2012:Android certainly is iomvpirng rapidly. Actually, .The experiment involves magnets spinning on a disk (that can be seen motion-blurred in the photos). This spinning disk gives me a strong magnetic field that switches on and off about 10 times a second. The orange glow near the centre of the first photo is my sample (held near the magnets in a copper mount). I'm shining a laser through the diamond, and trying to see if magnetic fields alter the amount of laser light that gets absorbed by the crystal. http://eoexqbkxbi.com [url=http://dnklowu.com]dnklowu[/url] [link=http://conaarkn.com]conaarkn[/link]

Akhi - hiPDcn2ZdO9
It still surprise me (10/18/2014)
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Ruizkay - t2jTIcL4URo